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An integrated view of all trading and credit activities forms the basis of modern bank management. High-performance IT systems are required for many complex capital market instruments. We see the challenges on the one hand side to manage the efficiency constraints resulting from the stress field growth versus risk relating to capital market instruments. On the other hand, financial institutions have to meet legal requirements - relating Fto organizational structure in particular, to fulfill the German MaRisk as well as the MaRisk VA.

Market behavior and competitive situation worsen these challenges because new asset classes, such as exotic derivatives, which pose high requirements on the evaluation and management. The internal organization of an institution as well as the set-up in the downstream systems need to be taken into account. Therefore, an effective New Products New Market process (NPNM) is essential.

We help your institution to meet these challenges by means of our in-depth business knowledge and technical understanding of financial instruments, state-of-the-art trading systems and their integration in the overall bank architecture.
Our expertise lies in the business and technical business processes of a wide range of trading instruments: from front office, back office, to downsteam systems (e.g., risk management, risk controlling, accounting, and reporting). We also take into account data management and data optimization - for example, a neutral data model for downstream banking systems.